Being the professional designer and manufacturer of Auto parts, Hose clamps and Flexible couplings, we are well aware that our mission is to add the value for our clients continuously. That is why Winlong never stop the improvement of “Lean Manufacturing”, which makes obvious what adds the value by waste minimization during the production every day.


With professional engineering knowhow, Winglong focuses on the development of automation by 100% independent innovation. In last ten years, the automatic production promotion ensures the quality stability and reliability, meanwhile it improves the efficiency with more than 47% each year.


Reliable team is the key to Winlong’s innovativeness and competitiveness. By the supporting of engineering, technological, quality and production system, Winlong can provide our clients the product, service and solution “perfect” instead of “qualified”.


In additional to our product and service, Winlong offers our clients the more tight connection with warehouse and distribution along with sales assistance. Under the idea of “keep innovating”, the future at Winlong is to keep tightly connected and meet the customers’ requirements in more and more fastidious concern.